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Our field technicians have extensive electrical training and full understanding of the latest technologies. The expert technicians at Electrical Services Group, LLC are OSHA 10 Certified, have vast amounts of continuous safety training and are always professional. By utilizing our knowledge and expertise, you can be assured that your home, office or facility will be constructed and properly serviced for all future energy cost challenges.

Electrical Services Group LLC.- Bloomfield Electrical Repairs

Our highly trained Bloomfield electrical crews are here to help your business or home run as properly and efficiently as possible. Since Bloomfield electrical work can be a very dangerous field, it is important that you hire a professional crew that is able to competently help you in every facet of new Bloomfield construction electrical needs. We succeed at our goal of providing an honest, dependable, and friendly experience when you use the services of Electrical Services Group, LLC.

Bloomfield Panel Upgrades

Over the years we have provided reliable, professional electrical remodeling, panel upgrades, rewiring and new construction services to the Birdgeport area. Our trucks are completely stocked and our professional electricians are knowledge and able to tackle the most challenging of Bloomfield home or business electrical problems. We also offer electrical panel,electrical repair, service panel and wiring a house.

Bloomfield Generators

Home generators are one of the most useful machines ever invented. Because of the rapidly evolving technology, people have grown accustomed to making work easier through the use of electricity. In one way or another, electricity is present in almost everything people do – from charging cellular phones to surfing the Internet to watching television to washing and ironing clothes to cooking meals to curing diseases. Electricity has been an important part of everyone’s life and even a quick power loss could be a huge disaster. Thanks to generators, people will no longer have to think about power outages.

A generator is a machine that converts mechanical into electrical energy by rotating an armature through a magnetic field. The device uses an engine, a motor, turbine or other source of mechanical energy to turn the armature. A voltage is induced in the moving conductors through electromagnetic induction. To generate voltage, relative motion must exist between the conductors and the magnetic field. Today, generators produce most electricity used not only by industry but also in homes.

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