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Mission Statement:
Electrical Services Group, LLC will be the foremost electrical services provider that will continually create profitable growth by giving our customers the very best experience and support.”

We not only provide the installation services for all of our products, but have a superior service and support component to our firm, that enables our customers to have confidence that their systems will remain up and running after many years of usage.

Electrical Services Group LLC.- Derby Electrical Repairs

Our professional Derby electricians have been in the electrical business for many years and are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to electrical repairs, new construction installations or other Derby commercial or residential electrical services.We provide Derby home and business owners with a wide range of high quality electrical services and products.

Derby Recessed Lighting

While providing excellent service to our customers in Derby, and offering the best solutions for your energy efficient solutions, our expert electrical technicians are ready to assist you. It's a good feeling knowing that all of your Derby home energy and lighting needs are only a phone call away. We also provide lighting fixtures, floor lamps, track light, track lighting and recessed lighting.

Derby Outdoor Lighting

Nothing deters a burglar like a lighted front porch. As most people know, burglars like to sneak around where they cannot be seen and this is exactly what outdoor lights manage to prevent. By ensuring that the front part of the house is lighted, homeowners can have a peaceful night’s sleep knowing that anyone who tries to enter their home would be immediately spotted. Depending on the installation, the lighting could extend even to the walks, deterring thieves even if a person goes home in the middle of the night.

Landscape Lighting
Outdoor lightning is not usually confined to the front porch. More often than not, homeowners maximize the light by placing it in strategic places on their garden. This way, it highlights their greenery while at the same time providing illumination against burglars. A lighted front yard also makes it easy to hold night outdoor parties or even camping outside with the kids. Keep in mind that if a garden outdoor light is the main purpose of installation then there are several types of lighting possible. Hence, it would be a good idea to browse them all prior to purchase.

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