Save With A New Haven Home Energy Audit

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Who needs a New Haven energy audit? The energy efficiency of a home in terms of heating and cooling can be determined with an energy audit and suggestions can then be made to save on electricity. Saving energy and money by quantifying the buildings thermal performance is the goal. A written report based on the orientation towards the sun, climate conditions and thermostat settings may be part the audit.

An energy audit will point out the areas where the most energy is wasted and being aware of it will enable you to employ some measurements on the suggested areas. This will save you the trouble of insulation the whole building. For instance insulating your geyser with an insulation blanket purchased at the local hardware store can on its own make a huge difference in that local area.

Begin Finding Energy Loss

Excessive energy loss through the ceiling can be picked up with an energy audit. Putting your own insulation in on the ceiling is not as hard as it may sound and it will be a very rewarding DIY project. You will also be able to do it for a a lot less than a contractor will charge you.

The air leaks in the window seals and doors are one more area where one can make a big difference. Fixing that up is not difficult but it can save you a lot of energy and money in heating up a house in winter.

Even trees blocking off the sun in winter can have a very negative impact on your heating requirements and just by setting up the garden better one can save energy.

A simple DIY project can fix leaking heat through the floor with an insulation project which is another very general problem area. Insulating wooden floors by fixing polystyrene insulation underneath the floor can make your home a lot warmer and it will save you energy and money.

Hire a Professional or Do-It-Yourself

If you decide to do an energy audit any certified auditor can be used to the audit for you but most auditors are also sales people in the home improvement industry so keep that in mind before investing in home improvement. The home energy audit can be done as a DIY project with the help of an easy to follow instruction manual.

Once you have the audit report, only a few DIY projects are needed to make a difference and save big. Take action and put into service an energy home audit and a few DIY projects, you won’t be sorry.






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