New Haven Central Vacuum System

Category: Vacuum


A simple vacuum has always been a major assistance in order to keep the house clean. There is no question about the importance of a clean house and some sort of equipment is always required to clean the dust that gets in.

But many new systems have lessened the value of vacuum cleaner. New Haven Central-vacuum is one of them. It has greater cleaning capability with powerful ability to suck the dust. Because of their efficient performance, its addition in homes has become very common.

Central vacuum system is very different from a common and simple vacuum. Unlike the movable vacuum, it is placed in a middle of the house and dirty air and dust particles are sucked into that unit. By this, there are very rare chances of re-circulation of the dust into the house.

Central vacuum systems in New Haven is economical as well. It uses HEPA filter that catches even a minute dust particle. Moreover, by this system, you can ventilate dust to the peripheral side of the house so that dust can be detached completely from the place.

There is another system used for house cleaning purposes. That system is called, cyclonic system. In this process dust and dirt is separated and thrust into the sack and is completely removed from inside of the house and give clean environment.

The draw back of cyclonic system is that it doesn’t work of microscopic dust particles. In the central vacuum system, HEPA and secondary filters confiscate even the smallest size of particles.

Unlike a portable vacuum, in central-vacuum system, you don’t need to hold the entire unit with you during the cleansing of your house.

If you have allergy problems with dust, then it will be an ideal step to install the central vacuum system. Central vacuum system reduces the chances of allergy and other dust related complexities.

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