Make the Switch to a Central Vacuum System in New Haven

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If you do not have a New Haven central vacuum system in your house, you may be like many of us who lug the traditional vacuum up and down stairs to complete this tedious chore. Worse yet, may be you have only one model that you store in an overstuffed closet and when you have to pull it out of the closet, you are required to rearrange the entire contents of your closet. When you finally dislodge the unit from the closet, plug it in, assemble the necessary attachments and start to clean; you, in what can feel like minutes, only have to move it to another room to finish. Reduce the hassle of the process by installing a central vacuum system in your house.

Reduce dust and allergens

It is common knowledge that vacuuming reduces the amount of dust in your house. In dust live mites that are a common cause to allergies and asthma. Not only will you be more likely to do the chore of vacuuming more often with a central vacuuming system but a traditional vacuum will discharge the dust back into the air in your home. One major advantage of a central system is that it removes this dust from your living area by expelling the dust to the outside.

Ease the chore

If cleaning one’s house was not the difficult chore that it can be, we would be more likely to do the task more often. A central vacuum clean is a new innovation that is portable and features longer hoses and specific cleaning tools, such as a power beater brush for reaching those hard to reach areas, like the space between the wall and the dresser. Central vacuums are available with additional attachments for auto, upholstery and crevices. With the new technology of a central vacuum, cleaning is faster because you are more efficient. Some models have helpful features such as the ability to email you when the bag is full or automatically shut-off when the telephone or doorbell rings. Features such as these can really make this chore more of a fun activity which is likely to be done repeatedly.

A step closer to a “Green” household

Not only does a central vacuum make the chore of vacuuming your house easier because it also allows you to be more efficient, so you will finish the job faster. When you spend less time vacuuming, you use less electricity, which reduces your carbon footprint. Another great advantage to a New Haven central vacuum is that the units are built to last 20 years or more, a lot longer than a traditional one that may only last a couple years. If you are throwing away an old model every couple of years, you are contributing to the landfills, which are already exceeding capacity. Further, many of the new models are available bag-less which not only means that you could no longer have to change the bag in the system but that you will help save tress (that are used to make the bags) and further reduce your impact to our landfills.

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