Central Vacuum System Service & Upgrades in New Haven

New Haven Elextrician - Central VacuumA New Haven central-vacuum system service from Electrical Services Group has greater cleaning capability with powerful ability to suck the dust. Because of their efficient performance, it is becoming more popular in homes across the U.S. This is a system is different from a common household vacuum. Unlike a basic vacuum, the central vacuum system is placed in a middle of the house and dirty air and dust particles are sucked into that unit. By doing this, the re-circulation of the dust into the house is cut down significantly.

Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

A major benefit of using a central vacuum system is that it uses a HEPA filter that catches even a minute dust particle. Let our trained and experienced electricians install your new central vacuum and live life more comfortably.

Fighting Indoor Dirt & Allergens

Today's modern family spends more time indoors than they do out. Dirt, allergen and debris can be picked up from the outside and brought indoors. This can cause major health issues. You should be able to catch a good night's sleep in a clean and healthy indoor environment.

Central Vacuum System Upgrade

Major health issues can stem from a home without a working central vacuum unit. When it breaks down; there is only one place to go for New Haven central vacuum system upgrade and that's Electrical Services Group. We can install your name brand vacuum and replace the old unit.

Health Issues

Health issues are prevalent in homes that have poor indoor air quality. Although they are microscopic, they are very harmful to one's health, especially young children and senior citizens as the following health problems can seize a home:

  • Watery eyes
  • Dry skin
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Allergies

Improved Indoor Air Quality

With a central vacuum, you will be improving the quality of your indoor air. According to the EPA, the air inside the home is much worse than the air outdoors. Owning one of these systems is one way to combat poor indoor air.

Protecting Your Investments

Your home and its furnishings are some of the biggest investments that you will ever have to make. A central vacuum system can protect your investment by picking out the particles in the air. Your home will be at least three times as clean.

Call Electrical Services Group for more details on how you can have a New Haven central vacuum system service delivered to your home, call us. Your New Haven electricians are the ones who can do the installations and upgrades. Your home will remain clean and free of harmful allergens.

If you are looking for a New Haven central vacuum system service & upgrade expert then please call 888-892-3335 or complete our online request form.