Smart Home/Office Services in New Haven

New Haven - Electrician - Home AutomationElectrical Services Group specializes in providing our customers with advanced technologies to homes throughout Connecticut and businesses. This will allow you to save money and energy utilizing the latest in sophisticated technologies. Contact your New Haven electrician about our New Haven smart home/office services. Let your home or business work for you and the modern conveniences that you deserve to make life easier. We can do the installations safely and accurately.

Home Automation

Luxury homes are often a launching point for technology, such as home automation, security, lighting management, and entertainment systems, that could become commonplace throughout the residential market. In the meantime, contractors providing electrical installations in today's luxury homes are becoming well-versed in automation and recessed electrical systems that are better hidden than those of the past.

Modern Technologies in the Home

Today's modern technologies have made life simpler as we now have control over things in the home that we did not before such as the thermostat, lighting, and security system. Homeowners have been putting the latest innovations to work in their New Haven homes in order to save money.

Wireless Home Technologies

The hallmark of the cellular revolution is the ability to do so many things on the go. Smartphones have given an entirely new meaning to being mobile. In this sense, being mobile doesn't just mean checking bank accounts or sending an email. On a more basic level, it means doing these (and so many other things) without being tethered to a stationary device.

Benefits of Smart Homes in New Haven

  • Measure and manage home's energy usage
  • Manage the family through home monitoring
  • Control most devices/components in the home

Electronic Shading

Electronic shading has been around since the 1980s. So what is electronic (or automated) shading all about? It's a system that controls the interaction of electrical lighting and daylight, synchronizing shades and artificial light levels automatically based on the sun's position, thus taking maximum advantage of natural light.

Office Energy Savings

The modern technology that shading delivers can cut down on energy usage by at least 60%. Air conditioning and electric heating can also be cut down, by 10%. The shading systems fit into today's modern offices and "Green" driven construction.

Residential Shading

We offer installations for residential shading which will bring automated power control in the home. Let our electricians do the work for you safely and have the modern conveniences that automation delivers.

New Haven smart home/officeservices are what you need to advance in today's fast moving society. They will save you money as you gain better control over things in the home that you haven't before.

If you are looking for New Haven smart home/office services then please call 888-892-3335 or complete our online request form.