New Haven Surge Protection

New Haven ElectricianMost homes are now filled with sensitive electronics that can be easily damaged by common power surges, lighting strikes or voltage impulses. A lightning storm near you Connecticut home can deliver an electrical surge which can enter your home and destroy appliances, televisions, stereo equipment, and other electrical products. The cost of replacing these items can become costly. But whenever you have New Haven surge protection installed; your home and electrical components will remain safe. Call us today and set up an appointment for an estimate.

Avoiding Replacements

Throughout our many years of experience in the electrical industry, we have learned that if you take certain preventative measures like installing a protector for surges, costly repairs and replacement of parts can often be avoided. 


Whether you have encountered New Haven power outages in the past, you can always benefit from a surge device. If you own a home or a business, you realize how vital it is to preserve your electrical components such as the cash register and POS system.

Advantages of Surge Protectors

  • Cuts down on maintenance & repair costs
  • Protection
  • Reduces the necessity to buy new electrical equipment

Importance of Surge Devices

Surges can also be caused by anything that affects the power such as lighting strikes and utility pole damages. The problem only gets worse before it becomes better as losing electrical components is costly. Reasons to use a surge device:

  • To create a functional and protective electrical system
  • To prevent random voltage spikes

Professional Installations

Only the most experienced of electricians should install your surge device as we have over 25 years of it under our belts. That's why most people come to us in the area. We can do professional installations that will protect your devices as well as the rest of your home.

Home Protection

You'll find that modern surge devices are able to save modern appliances from spikes. They can handle multiple components and keep your home safe. You will not have to any longer fear overloads or unplug your appliances during a storm.

Experts in Surge Devices

When it comes to locating a professional New Haven electrician to install your device, call the ones who possess the experience and practice safety on the job. Electrical Services Group are the experts in installations and repairs as we are always around when you need us.

In order to have your New Haven surge protection device installed, call Electrical Services Group. You owe it to your family and your home to implement safety features which will catch spikes and shortages before they cause damages to the home.

If you are looking for a New Haven surge protection expert then please call 888-892-3335 or complete our online request form.