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5 Signs It’s Time To Call A Fairfield County Electrician

5 signs its time to call a fairfield county electrician

The best time to call a Fairfield County electrician is when you suspect a problem with your home’s electrical system. Yet, some signs of trouble can be very subtle or seem insignificant when there’s so much else going on in our lives.

Electrical Services Group LLC wants to help homeowners to recognize the signs of trouble early so they know it’s time to call an electrician so the problem can be taken care of. Here are a several of the most significant electrical issues to look out for.

Your Breakers Regularly Trip

If one or more of the breakers in your electrical panel keep tripping, it’s best to call an electrician for troubleshooting. It’s likely you may be overloading a wiring circuit. The electrician will be able to identify the problem and tell you what needs to be done.

Your Older Home Can’t Support Your Household’s Power Demands

If you can’t use the microwave, blow dryer, or stove at the same time as your other larger appliances, your electrical system is having a hard time with supporting the power demands of your Fairfield County household.

Most often, the lights will flicker when you turn on the microwave or your blow dryer will keep tripping the GFCI outlet breaker. Many homeowners have problems like this because their home is older, and our modern households require much more electricity than the electrical system was designed to support.

Appliances Keep Getting Burned Out

One sure sign that you need to call an electrician is when your appliances or electronics keep getting burned out. Most commonly, it will happen to a small appliance or electronic devices but it does happen to refrigerators and larger appliances which are plugged into standard outlets.

This is another sign that your electrical system is getting overloaded and needs attention as soon as possible. More than likely, it’s just an electrical short somewhere along one circuit of wiring which needs repair.

You See Burn Marks On or Around Outlets, Lights, or Switches

If you’re seeing burn marks or a blackened area around your light switches, outlets, or light fixtures, call an electrician as soon as possible because this means the potential for a house fire is already present.

In the Fairfield Coast area, call our electricians at Electrical Services Group LLC anytime you see signs of trouble with your home’s electrical system. We offer 24-hour electrical services.

You See Old Knob & Tube Wiring In Your House

Smaller homes with just one occupant may not exhibit any noticeable electrical problems. It’s good to know what type of wiring your home has if you don’t notice any signs of problems with your electrical system.

Knob & Tube wiring is easy to identify because it’s normally exposed in areas like the garage or laundry room and is connected to the rafters with white ceramic knobs. This wiring is very old and along with several other common problems with it, the protective wiring insulation will eventually rot off and leave the wire exposed.

If you do find Knob & Tube wiring in your home, you may need to find a Fairfield County electrician to have it replaced soon. At the very least, have your electrical system inspected.

If you are looking for an electrician then please call 203-745-0323 or complete our online request form.